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Meet Some Big Fish in Applications Development

If you're looking for an iPhone app developer or specialists in iPad and Android app development, there's no need to conduct a fishing expedition. You've found one of the most talented experienced app development companies on earth.

Mind Riders Technology brings you a team of highly experienced professionals who have worked with the world's leading technology, advertising and design companies.

You can count on Mind Riders Technology to collaborate with you at every stage of the app development project lifecyclefrom concept to completion.

Initiation :
We're onboard with you to document your business case, establish the sponsors, define roles and complete the discovery phase with a clear understanding of needs.

Planning :
Blue Whale will create a software design spec from your RFP to confirm the exact scope of work, dependencies, assumptions, and technical requirements.

Management :
Your project plan will be updated weekly with specific data regarding milestones, change control, risk and cost management.

Completion :
The conclusion of your project will include submission to the app store and up to 30 days of support.


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